Guided beginner birdwatching walk


This guided walk will be open to ALL AGES but will be focused on beginner birdwatchers. There is no required gear or equipment necessary to participate. The number of participants is capped at 10 people, and registration is required with the store. Please do not bring extra folks who did not register; we will not accommodate a larger group. To ensure that participants feel comfortable and focus on the birdwatching, we ask that dogs NOT be brought on the walk.

This will be a guided beginner birdwatching walk that will introduce the basics of finding and identifying birds. Topics may include using optics, where to look and listen for birds, and birding etiquette. In addition, participants will see and hear some common migratory and resident Colorado birds in various habitats. There is no cost for participating in this walk.

Participants will follow local, state, and federal laws to ensure a welcoming environment for other park users and wildlife.
Sturdy shoes and dressing in layers for the weather are strongly encouraged. Optional gear includes binoculars (recommended but not required), a camera, a field guide, a field journal, and pen, a small backpack, and a water bottle. Expect to be active and moving for about an hour and up to a mile in the distance. The group will move at a pace that will keep everyone together. The guide will not provide gear to borrow but will share field guides as much as possible.

Please reserve your spot by calling Wild Birds Unlimited Denver; space is limited.
(303) 987-1065 

Jane L.

In her role at Wild Birds Unlimited, Jane has found a platform to share her knowledge and enthusiasm with others. Every month, she organizes and leads bird walks, inviting fellow nature enthusiasts to join her on a journey of discovery through local parks and natural habitats. These walks have become a highlight for both beginners and seasoned birders alike, offering a unique opportunity to connect with nature and learn more about the diverse avian species in their region.

Ben J.

Ben's commitment to sharing his passion with others is reflected in his monthly bird walks for the Wild Bird Unlimited community. These walks have become a cherished tradition, bringing together individuals of all ages and backgrounds who share a common interest in the world of feathers and flight. Whether novice birdwatchers or seasoned experts, participants benefit from Ben's wealth of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm, creating an inclusive and educational experience for all.